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2015.03.08 Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Drzonków

International Dog Show DRZONKÓW ( Poland)
It was a great day for team The Sweetest Coton
First time in junior class FRESSIA The Sweetest Coton CAJC, Junior Winner
ENIGMA The Sweetest Coton ( Owner B.Debowa) CAC,CACIB BOS
ELECTRA The Sweetest Coton CAC res CACIB
ESPRIT The Sweetest Coton CAC,CACIB & BOB
Thank you all for great competition.

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2015.03.01 Benelux Winner 2015

We are very proud of the great successes of dogs from our kennel.
Cartier The Sweetest Coton  Is Belux Winner 2015 and get CAC,CACIB and BOB. Big congratulation to owner Anneke for her great care and show Goofy


2015.02.14 Bydgoszcz ( National dayand night dog show) 

Valentine's day we spent at the National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz. It was a long show, because in addition to the normal day of the exhibition, we were still on the evening show, which began at the 19 and ended at 3 am.
On the first show The Sweetest Coton breed represented three of our Cotons. Electra in the intermediate class CAC and thus began her Polish Champion, in Champion Class Bellezza Bianco The Sweetest Coton  received her last needed CAC and became a new Polish Champion, and in comparision also received the title of the best adult bitch and BOS. Esprit won BOB!
At night exhibition we showed only Electra and Esprit. And this time it went great. Electra got CAC and the title of the best adult females, and Esprit CAC, best adult dog and BOB. It was a very long and tiring exhibition, but we came back home with success.

thesweetestcoton 1

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