2014.11.29 Legionowo & 2014.11.30 Radom

Great weekend for The Sweetest Coton breeding. They were in this year, our last show.

coton de tulear


Elvis Reco Bohemia -exhibited in the Veteran class was awarded the title Best Veteran and BOS (Best dog of the opposite sex)

ELECTRA The Sweetest Coton in the junior class CAJC and best Junior. Thus ended Polish Junior Champion

FRESSIA The Sweetest Coton - in puppy class, presented by Sandra got Very Promising and Best Puppy

BOB (winner of Breed) on this show fell into the hands of our breeding females CHANEL The Sweetest Coton

chanel the sweetest coton

RADOM - National show for group IX

ELVIS Reco Bohemia - Class Veterans awarded the title of Best Veteran and BOB (Best of Breed) I was very proud of my first and oldest Coton in our house that could have its charm to charm the judge, and despite the younger dogs in the ring that he has just received BOB. But our "old man" surprised us even more when the finals received 2nd place Best in SHOW Veteran

ELECTRA The Sweetest Coton - in competition in the junior class won CAJC and Junior Winner

FRESSIA The Sweetest Coton - in puppy class got Exceptionally promising puppy and The finals BEST IN SHOW took 2nd place!

coton  coton

It was a great weekend for The Sweetest Coton also because of Slovakia at the international exhibition of dogs from our kennel female Fuschia The Sweetest Coton won BIS (Best in Show)  and the second day of the BIS 2. We are very pleased with the success of our dogs. CONGRATULATIONS


Enjoy a rich gallery of photos from our weekend exhibition

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2014.11.19 Success of The Sweetest Coton

On International show in Poland ( Kielce ) Enigma the sweetest Coton win Best Junior and also Best Of Breed. On this show this cute girl finish Junior champion of Poland. BIG CONGRATULATION

Enigma The Sweetest Coton


On International show in Romania. Charlie The Sweetest Coton win in two days BOB and also Cacib.

The youngest of The Sweetest Coton are also on show. And we are very proud from FUCHSIA The Sweetest Coton and her winning BEST PUPPY.

Thank you to all the owners of The Sweetest Coton puppies for beautiful presentation in the ring

FUSCHIA The Sweetest Coton


2014.10.26 EDS Brno

European Dog Show in BRNO (Czech Republic)
It is next to the World Dog very prestigious exhibition takes place only once a year, each time in a different country.
For this exhibition we went with our five cotons and our kennel was represented by two other females.
It should be noted that the rates for such exhibitions are very strong and large
The results were great here are the results
ESPRIT The Sweetest Coton - the junior class excellent lok 2
ELEKTRA The Sweetest Coton - junior class  lok 3 (owner Beata and Tomek)
Fuschia The Sweetest Coton - puppy class -Very promising lok 1 (owner Eli)
Bellezza Bianco The Sweetest Coton - intermediate class, excellent lok 2
Deluxe The Sweetest Coton - intermediate class, excellent lok 3
Darling The Sweetest Coton White pearl of Madagascar - champion class, excellent - lok 2
Cotonbrie CavalliJust Cavalli - champion class, excellent lok3
Thank you Beata and Tom and Eli for coming to the exhibition and the beautiful results CONGRATULATIONS
I invite you to  photos from show

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2014.10.18 & 19 CACIB Poznań


International dog show in Poznań it was a great moment for our Kennel

First day

ESPRIT The Sweetest Coton - CAJC, Najlepszy Junior

Bellezza Bianco The Sweetest Coton - CAC i res.CACIB

Second day was a title POLISH WINNER also this day was amaze for us


ENIGMA The Sweetest Coton ( owner Beata i Tomek) -CAJC, JUNIOR POLAND WINNER


This is so great show where we guest friends from France and Germany

enjoy a photos from both day


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2014.10.07.Wrocław - International dog show

At the CACIB-show  our kennel was represented by ENIGMA The Sweetest Coton.
For the first time shown in the junior class in big style won and not only young class but also Best of Breed (BOB) Congratulations to owners Beata and Tomek, bravo for great care !!!

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2014.09.21 Bytom & Roma ( Italy)

what a great weekend it was !!!!
I'm so thankful and happy from all result of my dogs in the world ! Thank you owner for great care and so great showing of my dogs !!!!!
This weekend was also great for my own dogs
Its a big day for me and Sandra we decide to go alone ( without daddy ) for the first time to show in Bytom
And Sandra for the first time get her own dog to show- it was Esprit. How they do ???? AMAZING !!!! Sandra get BOB with Esprit !!! She was so so happy and me was so proud from my little girl !
We also take a part in show competition "baby and dog" she was so happy on the ring and Esprit also ( later I will add Video from this )
So result from this show :
Esprit The Sweetest Coton in junior class Best Junior and BOB ( all with Sandra) and later me get BOG3 !!!!!
Elektra The Sweetest Coton CAJC and BOS
on this show we also meet puppy from our kennel
Forsythia The Sweetest Coton Very Promising puppy and Best PUPPY !!!

the sweetest coton

In ROMA ( Italy)

Fuchsia The Sweetest Coton showed in double show Club and International show was BEST PUPPY !!! BIG congratulation to owner THANK YOU !!!

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2014.09.07 CAC Radom

On the Sunday show in Radom presented our youngest and oldest cotons.
The youngest in the junior class Elektra was the second of the evaluation excelent.

Crazy girl Deluxe The Sweetest Coton in the intermediate class: exc. CAC, Best Female and BOS
And in the classroom Veterans our oldest Coton Elvis (aka Skubi) which received excellent, Best Veteran and Best Of Breed !!!(BOB)

Special congratulations to my beloved daughter who bravely helped me at the show and presented DELUXE compared with a race :)

coton de tulear

BEST Veteran and BOB - Elvis

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2014.08.26 CACIB SOPOT

On Sunday at the Hippodrome in Sopot was International dog show.
The exhibition we went with three our Cotons
The oldest ELVIS (in the house known as Skubi) - this is our first Coton one of the most successful coton in Europe - it is now a veteran and the first time after a long break he took part in exhibitions. He won Best Veteran and BOS
The exhibition for the first time we show our youngest female ELEKTRA The Sweetest Coton. In spite of great stress presented beautifully and won EXC1, CAJC and then compared with junior dog she win - Best Junior
Most of the day enthused judge DELUXE The Sweetest Coton our little female shown in open class to beat their opponents won EXC 1, CAC and CACIB. Then, in comparison with our other dogs won BOB (Best of Breed ) It was a day full of success.

The Sweetest Coton with judge Jose Juan Vidal Montero (E)

The Sweetest Coton

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2014.08.18 DOUBLE CACIB Show Bratislava

16-17.08 went to the international dog show Bratislava (Slovakia)

The exhibition showed:

in junior class - ESPRIT The Sweetest Coton -first day  he get CAJC and BOB and CAJC &  BOS second day 

DELUX The Sweetest Coton CAC and Res. CACIB both days

Bellezza Bianco first day  CAC, CACIB and BOS second day CAC, CACIB and BOB

The exhibition was a success :)


more photos ....

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2014.08.10 Don't worry be happy

A dog is man's best friend ... but Coton is a dog on dogs. Only Coton loves so much and so well understands the emotions of his owner. See a video (turn on sound!) that shows how our puppies cheer sad Sandra.